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The ShareOpps Forum is a platform for our members to exchange ideas, explore insights, share testimonials and advice on career-related topics in academia, employment and entrepreneurship. We celebrate diverse voices and believe that good stories can come from anywhere. 


We invite you to share your experiences, thoughts and/or opinions. We will share this to our ShareOpps Forum and social media. It can be in the form of a post, a short video and/or an article that we will share on our platforms - it's all up to you! 



Share Your Insights

Share your professional experiences, thoughts and knowledge.

Build Your Brand

 Gain free targeted traffic for your brand platforms, your profession and/or venture.

Engage & Network

Engage with the ShareOpps community and network with like-minded individuals. 

Eligibility Requirements

In order to post your article(s), you will need to have:

  • a registered ShareOpps account. This allows you to:

  1. create a post

  2. respond to comments

  • a profile photo affiliated with your ShareOpps profile.

  • a complete ShareOpps ‘about’ bio section

Types of Articles


Share your academic, vocation or entrepreneurial experiences. Share testimonials of opportunities you have applied to.

Industry Insights

Share advice, opinion pieces, tips or your technical expertise in an academic, career or entrepreneurial topic.

Passion Projects

Share a story or insight into the work you do, the heart of the entity or organisation you are a part or have started.


  • We highly encourage you to submit your first content via the 'create forum post to share to admin'. Thereafter, you can then post that submission and all future submissions directly via your ShareOpps Forum profile.

  • Write a clear headline or video description. Readers have a split second to decide if they want to read your piece so put a good descriptive title.

  • A minimum of one quality image is highly encouraged to go with your submission .

  • Where necessary, we encourage you to describe, reference or hyperlink outside content in the submission e.g. images, data, quotations.

  • Clean it up. We all make mistakes, but do look out for typos and janky formatting. 

  • We encourage you to sell yourself, affiliates or venture in a ‘profile paragraph’ at the end of the article.

  • Articles must have a positive intent. No name-calling or swearing.

  • If people leave comments on your post, do respond to them.

Target Audience (18-35year olds)

Canva - Woman Wearing Black Graduation C
Academic Scholars

Type of Opportunities

Bursaries, Fellowships, Competitions, Grants, Exchange programs, etc

Target Audience

Tertiary students, Graduates, Matriculants


Institutions, Companies, Organisations

In a Meeting
Young Professionals

Type of Opportunities

Jobs, Internships, Graduate programs,

Direct hires, Awards, Conferences, etc

Target Audience

Graduates, Young professionals, Students


Institutions, Companies, Organisations, Recruitment agencies

Man on Doorway of Food Truck

Type of Opportunities

Incubators, Accelerators, Grants, Awards, Competitions, Conferences, etc

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Students, Graduates


Incubators, Accelerators, ESD

Programs, Companies

Contact us

If you would like to directly contact our team for assistance you can send us a direct message via our ShareOpps profile, via Whatsapp at +27 (0)68 006 1726 or email us at Our team can help you develop your insight, assist with direction and provide feedback on writing style and content.

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